Treatment Options & Pricing Suggestions

The following information are simply suggestions. Please consult your Contour Light sales representative for more assistance in this matter.

  • It is recommended to sell Contour Light treatments in packages of 10 sessions or more, not sold in individual sessions.
  • Packages of 10 sessions should be priced based on the demographics of the area where your business is located: this can be determined by “secret shopping” the potential competition in your immediate region.
  • When “secret shopping”, make sure your competitor is offering a full body treatment, similar to what you can offer with the Contour Light system. Some clinics, offering treatments with devices other than the Contour Light, will offer a treatment that just covers the abdomen or one body area. You may be able to charge much more per session if your competition cannot cover as large of an area as the Contour Light can with one 30-minute session.
  • Once you determine the going price of light-based body contouring treatments in your area, set a “retail price” that is published/posted on all of your promotional materials.
  • Offer “monthly specials” or “Valentines’ Day specials”, or what best fits your plans and/or time of the year, by noting how much of a discount you are offering based on your “retail price”.
  • You can always extend your special pricing for another occasion or holiday and/or extend it for repeat client/patients.
  • Once you become fully booked out for a week or more, then you can decide to discontinue those special prices and implement your “retail price”. No customer can rightfully complain about a price increase if you have been posting your “retail price” on all promotional materials.
  • As an example: set a 10-session package price of $1,500 and then run “special” pricing of $999-$1,200 for this same 10-session package. Again, this is just an example and does not mean this price is right for your area. You may not be able to charge this much, or you may be able to charge more, but only you can make that determination.”