Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.
A CMS 3000 TENS unit is a pocket-size,portable, battery-operated device that sends comfortable electrical impulses through the skin that stimulate the nerve (or nerves) in an area of pain. In many cases, this stimulation will greatly reduce or eliminate the pain sensation the patient feels.

A CMS 3000 TENS unit provides pain relief that lasts for hours. A CMS TENS unit may help reduce or eliminate the amount of pain medications needed.

Our CMS 3000 TENS units are effective in relieving pain for the following conditions:
Neck Pain Sciatic Pain
Back Pain Carpal Tunnel Pain
Muscle Pain Post-Surgical Pain
Joint Pain Arthritis Pain

Our portable lightweight CMS 3000 TENS Unit can be used at work, home and even while you sleep, providing you with hours of pain relief. The CMS TENS unit's discreet design allows it to be worn underneath clothes anytime, anywhere!

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